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This Wiki is made to hold information on the WWE Universe created by R&B Simulations on Youtube. The Universe was created by two friends, Ryan, known on youtube as Swat1Ryan and Blaze, known on Youtube and other sites as Blazebrem. At first, it was just a bit of fun and trying to make cool CAWs, then curiously on how they would interact came. As such a server got created, through this server the two of them began to play out these CAWS within WWE with some actual WWE superstars and some of their Favourite CAWS from within the community.

This Wiki is designed to give people a glimpse into our WWE Universe and credit goes to members of the previous FaM(Forever A Movement) and Star Team Unite for their CAWs as well as Pandurinho for sharing the file to the community that I used to create the images on the CAW information Pages.

CAWs Edit

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